Show Them How to Knock on Heaven’s Door

A devotion on Matthew 10:8

Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, and cast out demons. Freely you received, so freely give.
–Matthew 10:8

When Jesus walked on the earth, He healed people everywhere He went.

It didn’t matter if they were blind or deaf, paralyzed or plagued with leprosy. He even resurrected the dead! Jesus restored hope to those who had lost it, and replaced fear with faith. People who had not walked for years leaped for joy after meeting Him. People who were ostracized from society discovered a new community of believers after Jesus met them.

The same Jesus who healed the lepers and cast out demons is still at work in our lives.

God has been so good to us. Now it is our turn. If we have tasted God’s goodness, it is our responsibility to pass it onward to someone else. We may not be doctors, but we can pray for healing for a neighbor. We are not counselors, perhaps, but we can speak, write, or text encouraging words. We can always send a pleading prayer on someone’s behalf.

Surely you have a salvation story — a moment or two when God saw your desperation and swept you out from under it. Tell people about your experience! You can literally lay on others your hands of faith. Share your connection with the Almighty. Show them how easy it is to knock on the door to Heaven.

Let them have the comfort, the peace, the hope that you enjoy.


Dear Savior, You have blessed me so abundantly — far more than I could ask or imagine. Shine through me. Help me introduce others to Your healing power and Your grace. Thank You for loving me. May I always be willing to share Your love. Amen.


Who do I know who needs God’s healing? What prayers will I ask of God on their behalf?