Our Parental God

A devotion on Jeremiah 29:11

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you,” says the LORD, “thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you hope and a future.”
–Jeremiah 29:11

Children don’t always understand that their parent has good intentions for them, especially when discipline is in the works.

In today’s verse, the prophet Jeremiah encourages the Hebrew people — who are captives in the Babylonian empire — to hang in there. They will remain captives for seventy years, he tells them. This is their discipline for turning away from God. But then, God will restore them to their homes in Jerusalem.

In the meantime, Jeremiah essentially says, “You are not forgotten by God. You are not unloved. You simply are in time-out. God has a future for you where there will be peace and security.”

God has a parent’s heart.

Even when His children are disobedient, when they experiment with sin, when they don’t want to apologize, God remains their father. God waits, eager for His children to relent, repent, behave, so He can give them the blessings He has for them.

If you are God’s child, then He has a future planned for you. There is the hope of Heaven, of course, but there is also an earthly future. He knows the number of your days and has events planned that will grow your spirit, that will bring Him glory, that are truly good. Abide in Him, enjoy His hope, and embrace His future.


Heavenly Lord, I am honored that You notice me. Thank You for thinking of me, for planning a future that includes my peace and prosperity. I trust Your guidance. You know best. Amen.


What do I hope for in my future? What if my hopes and dreams are not the same as God’s hopes and dreams for me? How have I shared my wishes with God?