Nowhere to Look but Up

A devotion on Exodus 14:14

“The LORD will fight for you, and you shall be still.”
–Exodus 14:14

God’s people stood cornered in the wilderness.

To one side was a range of impassable rocks. Biblical scholars believe Egyptian military posts stood on another. The Red Sea walled off any escape, and the angry Egyptian army was charging toward them!

The Israelites were not soldiers. They had been subdued for hundreds of years in slavery. But now, it appeared they were being called to fight for their lives.

Moses encouraged them with today’s verse, “The LORD will fight for you. Trust Him!”

Their predicament was no accident. God had specifically ordered Moses to have the Israelites camp there. He had given them no way out. It was God’s plan! In their fear, they turned their attention to Him. Fear gave them an opportunity to practice their faith.

Perhaps there are times in our lives when God leads us to a corner and we are untrained and unprepared to deal with the oncoming trouble. We have nowhere to look but up. Like the Israelites, it is our chance to practice prayer, hope, and trust.

Can any trouble of ours be any trickier than drying up wet ground, fencing off sea creatures, and keeping an entire hostile army at bay? Take your fear as an opportunity to look upward and grow your faith.


Heavenly Lord, Thank You for Your protection and guidance. May I ever keep my eyes on You. Help me to trust in You to fight my battles. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.


When have life’s circumstances cornered me? Can I recall a time when God unexpectedly saved me?