Milk for Grownups

A devotion on 1 Peter 2:2

As newborn babies, long for the pure milk of the Word, that with it you may grow.
–1 Peter 2:2

Peter calls the Bible milk for grownups.

In the wonderful world of mammals, mother’s milk is specially formulated for that particular species to optimally raise its young.

For instance, cow’s milk has four times the calcium that human milk does. That’s because calves need to grow exponentially faster than human babies do. The ratio of phosphorus and magnesium to calcium in cow’s milk makes it difficult for humans to absorb the calcium in it, which can lead to problems like arthritis and atherosclerosis.

Like mother’s milk, the Bible is the real deal, specially formulated for humanity’s spiritual growth.

No other book can offer what it does: living, life-giving words packed with spiritual nutrition. God’s Word offers healing for spiritual diseases like gloom, worry, despair, hopelessness, and loneliness. It puts the enemy to flight. It promotes the growth of courage, purpose, joy, and peace. It changes perspectives. It quiets anger. It helps us find God.

Pastors’ sermons, Bible commentaries, devotionals and worship songs are excellent ways to consume the Bible, but, we also need pure, unaltered servings: additive-free, opinion-free, raw Scripture that lets God speak straight to us.

So, serve up some Bible in your day. See how it makes you grow.


Dear Jesus, You are the Word. Please send Your Spirit to speak to me as I read the Bible. Help me to hear what You have to say to me. When I hear, help me to understand, and to grow. I love You, Lord. Amen.


How do I prefer to drink in God’s Word? How often do I get a pure serving?