Living in an Upside Down World!

A devotion on Matthew 2:2

“Where is he who is born King of the Jews? For we saw his star in the east, and have come to worship him.”
–Matthew 2:2

We are taught at an early age to be selfish.

A child's bedroom is full of toys. Cell phones. X-boxes. Our society puts worldly possessions first and foremost in the line of importance.

As we grow older, status, money, and fighting our way to the top become passions in our lives. All around us we see violence, robbery, children missing, school shootings, and rebellion. It is all about me, me, me!

What happens when we take our last breath and our lives here on this earth cease?

There is something much more important than our worldly possessions or status.

God has tried throughout history to bring humankind to His embrace. God the Father sent Jesus to earth to live among us, encouraging us to put God first, to love one another with passion and live in peace.

We live in an upside down world that puts worldly possessions first. When we put God and the grace of Jesus in our lives first instead, the worldly possessions become last and our lives change.

I am forever grateful for the gift of life given to me - a life that goes beyond a new car or a fancy home. I pray you, too, are living a life that enables you to live in complete peace with Jesus Christ, worshiping Him as your risen Lord.


Heavenly Lord! Thank You for Jesus and His loving guidance. I will worship You when I rise and give thanks as I lay to rest each day. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.


Why do I worship Jesus? If someone who did not know me observed me today, Who or what would they think I worship? Why would they think this?