Hope for My Broken Heart

A devotion on Psalm 147:3

He heals the broken in heart, and binds up their wounds.
–Psalm 147:3

I once had a conversation with a widow who, after four years, was still submerged in grief over the loss of her husband.

When I suggested she look for ways to serve others and, in the process, dispel some of her loneliness, she got angry with me.

Really angry.

Really, really angry.

I was genuinely concerned for her wellbeing and the condition of her heart. Grief is inevitable in this world. But God has shown us a way to deal with grief. His heart is larger than any burden we bear.

Sadly, seven years later, the bereaved woman still chooses to live with a broken heart, instead of praying for God to help her heal. Instead of reaching out to others, she complains they never reach out to her. Instead of seeking joy, she settles for bitterness.

No one can fix this situation for her. Not even God — until she decides to let Him.

Don’t let this be you. Pain is a part of our imperfect lives. Instead of crying about it, cry out to God. Pour your pain out and give it all to Him. Let Him heal your heart so it is whole and wholly His.


Dear God, I am struggling right now. My heart is broken and I am overwhelmed with grief. Please fill my heart with love and hope. Protect me from bitterness. Let me know that You will always heal my pain. Please turn my sorrow into joy. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.


What pain do I need to let go of? How has my heart been broken? How might I imagine pulling all my pain and grief from my heart and giving it to God?