God Rescues

A devotion on 1 Chronicles 16:35

Say, “Save us, God of our salvation! Gather us together and deliver us from the nations, to give thanks to your holy name, to triumph in your praise.”
–1 Chronicles 16:35

I cried until all of my strength was gone.

My sister had called me to tell me that our mom needed immediate emergency brain surgery. Her headaches were much more serious than we had thought.

Everything happened so quickly; all within a matter of a weekend. It seemed like we were in a bad dream and we couldn’t get out of it. My heart sank because the surgery was risky and I was miles away.

There was a possibility that our mother could wake up from her surgery and not remember any of us and be unable to live an active life. Our entire family was devastated, but my mom held on to her faith. She was hopeful.

God delivered my mother! She could have died that day, but God rescued her.

After surgery, her road to recovery was difficult, but we were grateful that her memory was intact. Despite the ups and downs, God delivered her and restored her health.

In 1 Chronicles 16, the people of God are singing a song of thanksgiving because God had delivered them and restored something precious. He had come to their rescue once again and as they reflected on the goodness of God, their hearts rang out in gratitude for His salvation.

Praise God! He has delivered us and restored us in countless ways!


Heavenly Lord, Thank You for delivering me when everything was up against me and for that, I gratefully praise Your holy name. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.


When was the last time God came to my rescue? How has He delivered me lately? How have I shown Him my gratitude?