Expecting God’s Care

A devotion on Psalm 37:5-6

Commit your way to the LORD. Trust also in him, and he will do this: he will make your righteousness shine out like light, and your justice as the noon day sun.
–Psalm 37:5-6

It was 12:30 am. My husband and I sat down for the train ride home. Suddenly he bent over, clutching his stomach, a posture I had so often found him in lately.

“This is the worst yet,” he whispered.

I rummaged through my purse, eager to find some stray pill that might offset his severe gastritis. Nothing helped. I offered mints, scratched his head, and felt his temperature rising. Soon, he rushed to the bathroom.

Angry, I sat and prayed, “God, You aren’t caring for us.”

It was a long hour. Moments before the train stopped, the pain finally ended. “That was worse than hours with a dislocated toe,” said my husband. To my surprise, he added, “God really took care of us.”

“What?” was all I could respond.

“I have a problem that no doubt needs fixing, but what amazing timing that was. I wasn’t sick our whole evening out. I wasn’t sick the mile and a half walk to the train. I didn’t feel bad till I sat down on a cushioned seat. The train had cold water and a bathroom. You didn’t even have to drive and try and comfort me at the same time.”

He was right.

Because of sin, sickness happens. Problems happen. But God’s care is happening, too. It never ends.


Thank You, God, for helping me. You are my day-to-day Savior. Help me to see Your constant care and Your continued presence in my life. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.


When have I thought I was neglected by God only to see later how He was caring for me?