Celestial Pencil

A devotion on 1 Chronicles 29:12

Both riches and honor come from you, and you rule over all! In your hand is power and might! It is in your hand to make great, and to give strength to all!
–1 Chronicles 29:12

The monetary wealth of the world is shared by a handful of people.

Power too. God has given the responsibility for both great good and great evil into the hands of just a few. Some have been godly. Some have absolutely not. Yet, like a celestial pencil, God has used the sharp and the dull, the giver and the taker alike for His plan.

Long ago, God gave supremacy to Babylon.

He chose a godless nation, an idol worshiping people, to conquer the Jews and reign over them for 70 years. He used the Babylonians to discipline His people. At the same time, He chose a handful of God-fearing Jews to introduce Yahweh to this godless nation. Daniel and his friends brought light to a pagan land. Meanwhile, the Jews refined their faith as they developed a yearning to connect with God again.

God allowed Rome, with all its sins, to conquer Europe.

In spite of its idol worship, it unified the East with roads and laws. The laws protected the apostle Paul and the roads helped spread the Good News. When Rome tried to kill off Christianity, its great influence simply propelled it further.

God is in charge. The wealth and power of all leaders are in His hands. Sometimes that is hard to see. But all are under His celestial pencil.

All ultimately write His story.


Dear Lord, I know You are “the author and finisher of my faith.” Help me to always remember that my wealth and my blessings come from You. You are the source of true power and strength in my life. In Jesus’ blessed name I pray, Amen.


Is there someone today who I think shouldn’t have the riches and power that they do? How might God be using them for His purpose?